Misachusetts. (sofuckenvicious) wrote in idgoinsane,

I come with Rumble Fish ikons!!

It's been far too long. My creativity went kaput, but slowly I'm getting back into it. I would of made these sooner, but I've been spending ten hours a day on getting my site back up and running. Ten hours a day for fourteen days straight... would you be in the mood to make icons? Me either, but I got inspired by boredom this morning.

x14 Rumble Fish ikons.


Comments aren't required, but they're nice.

Credit to idgoinsane is a must, kthx.

Hotlink and you'll find your image replaced
with something nasty. Don't try me on this.

I've also made a tutorial for one of the icons in the set, if you want to check it out or something.
Tags: ikons, rumble fish
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holy cow, these are great. I've yet to see Rumble Fish, though I have the VHS sitting around here somewhere. I love Matt Dillon. I haven't decided which one I am going to take, but I will credit, becaise I most definitely will take some. if not all XD
=) !!! i downloaded the movie and watched it a few times on my computer, bu the second mom's got money on her credit card, im hitting up amazon for sure!

and i love matt too, so we'll have to share. that alright pickles?
my computer is too slow to be able to watch anything at an appropriate speed. so I just have to get the movie XD

s'alright. :) even though I'm crazy 'bout all of 'em, I heart teh see thomas howell the most.
can you get on aim perhaps?

also, is it me or does pony sound like he has a cold in the beginning of the movie... well, the new dvd rather. when he's saying 'when i stepped out into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the moviehouse. i had only two things on my mind: paul newman, and a ride home.' ?

since i got the funny cold voice, ive been randomly saying that whole line, and i did it at the grocer and i think mom and the chick behind the counter though i was insaaaaane. XD
eep, sorry. I got off and went to bed after I commented that. I still can if you're still up?

I have not yet seen the new dvd D: I saw it once, but my mom wouldn't let me get it since she already bought me the old dvd. well, maybe I could ask her again since my birthday is around the corner XD

ahaha XD man, after you sent me that 'It's A Small World', I had it stuck in my head, and so many people stared at me in my french class when I started humming it. it's oh so very catchy! XD
Catchy, annoying things are my specialty. *bows* I've hummed it more than once in public, thus passing it on like a bad cold. It's a conspiracy, my dear pickle. A conspiracy. Yessss.....

And I had something to ask you about our comm.... I've noticed you do alot more music-related icons and I do alot more movie-related. Perhaps we could wind up posting all of our icons there, rather then in seperate communities. *shrugs* Lemme know, and I am awake right now.. XD

Deleted comment

thank yooou.