Misachusetts. (sofuckenvicious) wrote in idgoinsane,

After abit of a creativity block I ish back. Made a new layout (idgoinsane) and also I've got some more Outsiders icons....

[1} i spent time making these, as well as screencapping the entire movie, so credit to sofuckenvicious or idgoinsane, thanks. share the wealth.
[2} save to your own server. you won't like what i'll replace the image with if i catch you hotlinking.
[3} comment and let me know what you think.

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I love your new layouts lots and lots. the colours are magnificent.

and you know I love the icons. I'll be taking all of 'em, mostly of you know who. and will credit, durr. XD
im making sure there is alot of ponyboy just for you to drool. this is where i miss having 100 icon space.
lmao thankyooou XD I know man. I would defnitely have nearly ALL ponyboy icons. because I'm crazy like that, I suppose.
crazy in the good and hot way.
that comment made me smile for some odd reason.
it should, because its true. robert frost should be writing poems about you. which reminds me, can i use images of you in like, photomanips/blends? they'll prolly end up on my online porfolio but you're gorgeous, and your pictures are lovely.
aw XD I once wrote a diamond poem about myself, and my teacher gave me a D+ because she didn't think I was a broad enough subject. aw, that's like the first time someone actually likes the way I look. that honestly made my year. sure you can, yer one of the few people I actually trust.