Misachusetts. (sofuckenvicious) wrote in idgoinsane,

x15 TOP GUN icons.

It's been a long-ass fucken while, but I haven't been inspired. I am now, however, so here are fifteen Top Gun icons--all of Tom Cruise--whom I hate, but Val Kilmer doesn't pump my nads either, so I chose the most popular of the two.

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*gasp* There so needed to be some Iceman in this post! But Maverick is cool too.
ugh no!

i cant stand Iceman XD
Toppppp Gunnnn!

I haven't seen this movie in howabout forever. they look really good, too. glad my tutorials are iconprovoking XD
i watched it last night with me mommy.
and i went back in my room each time
there was a sexual scene because i just
cant watch that stuff if someone else
is watching it with me. i feel weird.
and not a good weird, either o_0

so i musta spent alot of time at my
computer. except when goose died. i
went on the balcony for air because
i knew i'd cry. im lame this week.