Misachusetts. (sofuckenvicious) wrote in idgoinsane,

I come with Rumble Fish ikons!!

It's been far too long. My creativity went kaput, but slowly I'm getting back into it. I would of made these sooner, but I've been spending ten hours a day on getting my site back up and running. Ten hours a day for fourteen days straight... would you be in the mood to make icons? Me either, but I got inspired by boredom this morning.

x14 Rumble Fish ikons.


Comments aren't required, but they're nice.

Credit to idgoinsane is a must, kthx.

Hotlink and you'll find your image replaced
with something nasty. Don't try me on this.

I've also made a tutorial for one of the icons in the set, if you want to check it out or something.
Tags: ikons, rumble fish
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