Misachusetts. (sofuckenvicious) wrote in idgoinsane,

x5 and a goodbye.

Five icons of Toronto, Ontario because Im bored and thats my inspiration. It seems to me that no one even uses/likes my stuff, so most likely I won't be updating anymore. Anything I do make will either sit on my HD or go on my portfolio or something. This is just a waste of LiveJournal space.

It's been real. Ciao.
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d: yeh well ciao guys.
b: quit saying ciao.
d: aw, ciao my ass!

aww, I really like your stuff. D: I love your icons!
lol.. ive posted all this
old stuff on my site. like
right now im making a gal
for them. i might post new
stuff there as well. we'll
see though.
a gallery in yer site with reference on LJ sounds like a great idea.

and I do like your stuff...